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Wholesale Strip Lashes Suppliers

  Our strip false eyelashes are made of human hair, horse fur, mink fur, fox fur, mink&fox blended, or qualified synthetic fiber. The lashes are either hand-tied or hand-arranged on the lash band, and trimmed by hand giving to wearers an absolute natural look. Our real animal fur lashes are totally cruelty free, obtained by gently brushing live animals, without harming them. This gentle, meticulous procedure ensures that no animals are harmed during the entire harvesting process, while preserving the quality of the harvested fur.

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  Product Description

  The Characteristics of Double Layered Human Hair Lashes.

  1.Made 100% human hair.

  2.Full luscious volume, multilayer looks very wispy.

  3.Soft & comfortable to wear.

  4.Compared with mink fur lashes, the price very competitive.


  Q1: Do you supply free samples?

  A: Yes, sure. We can print your logo and design and use for your orders.

  Q2: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM

  A:Yes,sure.We can make custom packaging for you.You just need to send the logo,and we will make the design,confirm,print and use for your lash orders.

  Q3: How many times can 3D mink fur strip eyelashes be used?

  A:20-30 times in proper and gentle way.

  Q4: How do you get the mink fur?

  A:It is collected when minks fall their hair every year.

  our company as a Eyelashes manufacturer in china ,if you need that pls contact us.


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