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Wholesale Mink Lashe Silk Lashes

  Wholesale Mink Lashe Silk Lashes Details:

  1.Easy to make fan

  2.The glue for root is tiny.

  3. It can make two fan,three fan ,ten fan


  4.Evebody can make fan without trainning

  5.It has good stereoscopic effect.

  6.The lashes are easily removable from the

  transfer tape.

  7.The lashes have no residue from transfer


Wholesale Mink Lashe Silk Lashes.jpg

  Our Service:

  1.The most competitive price, because we have own factory.

  2.The top quality can be assured, because we strict control the quality

  3.Your urgent lead time can be guaranteed with our so large production.

  4.Our products is simple to use and comfortable to wear.

  5.Fascinating eyelashes and the best choose for the party!

  6.Volumizing and thickening your eyelashes make you more beautiful.


  1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

  We are a wholesale strip lashes manufacture located in Shijiazhuang,hebei,China.

  2. What is your production capacity?

  We can produce 800-12000 pairs lashes per day.

  3.Do you provide samples?

  Yes,we provide free samples for you,customers pay shipping freight.

  4 Can you provide private label service?

  Yes,we can make private label for the package.

  5.What kind of materials do you provide?

  We provide Korean PBT fiber,mink fur,silk,human hair material.


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