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Cheap 3d mink lashes false eyelashes

The 3d mink lashes false eyelashes are specially designed with double layers and thus will the best choices for ladies who are always unsatisfied with their inborn eyelashes. Such double layered mink fur eyelashes will help even the most pessimistic lady to find more confidence and hope in work or personal life.

  3d mink lashes false eyelashes

  Make your eyes bright and attractive

  Suitable for party, wedding, prom or DIY doll make up

  Color: Black

  Features: Cross False Eyelashes

  Style: eye tail elongated section

  Note: Please remove the eyelashes from the case carefully.

  Package Includes: (1 pair )of 6D natural long lashes

Cheap 3d mink lashes false eyelashes.jpg


  1.Which kinds of Eyelashes do you supply?

  All kinds of eyelashes are supplied, including Mink Fur Eyelashes, Horse Hair Eyelashes, Human Hair Eyelashes, Synthetic Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions and eyelash tools.

  2. Is the mink fur eyelashes cruelty free?

  Yes, they are cruelty-free. Our lashes aren't produced using unsafe polymers and chemicals, and you can rest assured that the minks aren't harmed and we will only get the hairs from brushing and collecting the hairs from them.

  3. Can I have a sample order for eyelash?

  Sure, we welcome sample order to test and check quality, but you need to pay the shipping cost.

  our company as a Eyelashes Supplier,if you need that pls contact us.


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