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3d Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale

Handmade natural soft 3d mink strip lashes

Make your eyes bright and attractive

Suitable for party, wedding, prom or DIY doll make up

Color: Black

Features: Cross False Eyelashes

Style: eye tail elongated section

Note: Please remove the eyelashes from the case carefully.

Package Includes: (1 pair )of 6D Luxury Eyelashes

3d mink strip lashes wholesale.jpg


Q: Are these lashes animal cruelty free?

A:Yes, they are totally cruelty free.

Q:Are these lashes a one time use product?

A:They can be reused. Usually can be reused for about 15-30 times

Q:Do you offer Private label Service?

A: Yes, we can make private label for the package

Q: what is your MOQ?

A:Usually, we suggest ordering at least 10 pairs, so that the freight is more economical

Q:Do you have to use glue?

A: Yes you do 

Q: Can i custom the style of the lashes and package?

A: yes sure you can

our company as a wholesale strip lashes suppliers ,if you need that pls contact us.


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